Who Am I?

Who, me?

That’s a very good question, and I’m trying to figure that out. At the moment, there are some hard facts. I’m a 22-year old girl who graduated college with a degree in English writing, political science and economics. Afterwards, I didn’t find a job or apply to graduate school. Instead, I bought a one-way ticket to Thailand in July 2011 to land in Bangkok at 11AM on 11/11/11, but due to the worst flooding in half a century, I pushed it back to Pi Day (March 14), 2012. In the interim, I wasted away at home in New York, sank deeper into my existential crisis, and went to Costa Rica and spent two months backpacking northward towards Guatemala (chronicled in this blog, actually. Check it out. I have a lot of scars from mosquito bites and shenanigans involving caves, coral reef, surfboards and the like. I really, really, really love food. I’m subject to change. Once I figure more out, I’ll let you guys know.

What Is This?

Traveling in the trunk of a Nicaraguan taxi. How could I NOT have blogged about this? C'MON.

I don’t want to admit that this is a travel blog, but I’m going to have to admit that this is a travel blog. It initially started as a method to let interested parties know that I’m not dead yet. Fundamentally, that’s what it still is. However, it’d be short-sighted and stubborn to deny that it hasn’t become a log of my adventures and neuroses when I feel like updating. Call it what you will – it’s a blog. I write things in it. Sometimes there are pictures, sometimes there are funny stories. It’s not really beholden to any sort of purpose besides letting people know I’m alive, so it’ll wander wherever it wants to go. It follows the same mentality as its author, if you can believe that.

What is the Point to All of This?

To get my nails dirty.

My travels? I guess it’s to answer the first question. I feel like an asshole saying that I’m “finding myself.” I don’t really expect to find myself in Bangkok, and if I do, I sincerely hope I’m not a petite and gorgeous Thai woman married to an old white man. (Ladyboy, I can handle, though.) No, this is more about growing up and figuring things out. It didn’t seem like the right choice to jump into something I knew I didn’t want to do (an entry-level office job, law school, etc). Also, given the economic climate, the unemployment rate among college graduates, my lack of debt, the generous gift my parents gave me of the rest of my college savings, why not travel the world? Why not try my hand at living in another country? My opportunity costs were incredibly low, and I think I really can only gain from this. I actively wanted to put myself into uncomfortable and scary situations so I could force myself to grow up. I want to taste different fruit. I want to get my hands dirty trying to grow them myself. I want to push myself to my limit and survive. I want to see if I can do it. So no, I’m not really a contributing member of American society at the moment, but I have the rest of my life to do that and I’ll do it when I’m ready. For now, I’m going to see what I can of this heartbreakingly huge world, let my experiences mold me while I’m still malleable, fall, get up, fall again, live up my relative freedom, learn from my experiences, collect good stories for the grandkids, and, of course, not die.


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